Articles from ScienceNorway's owners are labelled at the top and bottom, and in the byline.

Partner articles on ScienceNorway

The partner articles on give insight into new and interesting research in Norway. The articles and press releases are written by communication staff at one of our 73 owners.

ScienceNorway is the English version of the Norwegian news site Both are owned by an association where 73 universities, colleges, research institutes and departments, foundations and science communication centres are members.

What the owners have in common is a requirement to share the results of their research with the public. And this they can do by publishing press releases and articles on ScienceNorway.

Partner content showcases research that is conducted in Norway in all its breadth and diversity. Some of the articles have been published in magazines or the university web site, others are short news releases summing up the results from a study.

This content is labelled «partner» on front pages. The article / press release will have a top and bottom text stating that this is content presented and paid for by an institution. Also the byline states which institution is responsible for the content.

These articles / press releases are written by communication staff or freelancers, and the ScienceNorway's editorial staff has not been involved in the production of the content.

Partners do not pay to publish individual articles, but they do pay an annual membership fee to the Owners' Association.

The Owners' Association consists of the following 79 members:

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