About Sciencenorway.no

About ScienceNorway.no

ScienceNorway.no brings you science news from Norway. We are the English version of forskning.no - a well-known and award-winning science news magazine published in Norwegian.

We cover science in the broadest sense – the human sciences as well as natural science, health and technology. We offer news and background stories written by our science journalists, as well as blogs, opinions and popular science articles written by scientists and researchers.

Forskning.no and ScienceNorway.no are owned by the organization Forening for drift av forskning.no, which is a non-profit. The non-profit is owned by 80 research institutions in Norway.

The 80 institutions produce stories and press releases that are published on forskning.no and sciencenorway.no. So as not to confuse this content with independent journalism, they are marked at the top, in the byline and at the bottom of the article as partner articles and press releases, produced and financed by the different institutions. You can read more about this arrangement here.

ScienceNorway.no is also the Norwegian part of ScienceNordic.com, which covers science news from all the Nordic countries. The Nordic site is owned and operated by forskning.no in collaboration with the Danish science news magazine, Videnskab.dk.

ScienceNorway.no, ScienceNordic.com and forskning.no are all independent news sources, which operate in line with the Norwegian Editor’s Code and the Code of Ethics of the Norwegian Press.

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Editor-in-chief of all three sites is Aksel Kjær Vidnes, aksel@forskning.no, phone +47 922 47 741
Assistant editor is Alette Bjordal Gjellesvik, alette@forskning.no

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