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Contact us:

Aksel Kjær Vidnes

Phone: +47 922 47 741

Aksel is also Editor-in-Chief of, science news magazine in Norwegian, as well as ScienceNordic. com, our nordic science news magazine.

Ida Irene Bergstrøm

Journalist and Assistant Editor
Phone: +47 47 01 83 35

Ida writes articles and manages translations.

She is also the person to get in touch with if you wish to:
- write an opinion piece
- start a blog
- write a piece of popular science about your research topic

Nancy Bazilchuk

Nancy Bazilchuk is a science writer based in Trondheim, Norway. Originally from the USA, she translates articles from Norwegian to English for
Find out more about Nancy on her own website,

Ingrid P. Nuse

Ingrid P. Nuse is based in Vermont, USA. She translates articles from Norwegian to English for Ingrid works out of her own company, Ingrid Nuse Translating.

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