Many people worked from home in 2022.

Journalists, researchers and finance professionals are among those who work from home the most

In total, 44 per cent of all employed individuals stated that they could work from home at least one working day in 2022.

There is a significant difference in who can and cannot work from home.

People in healthcare and social professions, restaurants, and hotels work the least from home. There are also not many people in the transportation industry who can work from home.

According to new figures from Statistics Norway the occupational group that worked the most from home in Norwayc in 2022 was journalists and communications professionals. Researchers, finance professionals, and employees in the real estate industry can also work remotely to a large extent.

Among information and communication professionals, only 1 in 10 did not work remotely in 2022. And 34 per cent of employees worked from home more than half of their working hours.

Statistics Norway's recent statistics reveal that employees in publishing, film, music, telecommunications, and IT also have good opportunities to work from home.

After the pandemic

The use of remote work has changed significantly in recent years, especially after so many of us were forced to stay at home during the pandemic.

However, it is still only 44 per cent of all employees in Norway who report that they were able to work from home one or more days during the previous year.

People aged 40-49 have the most remote work. Remote work is least prevalent among young adults aged 20-29. Many students fall into this age group, and they often have part-time jobs where remote work is not possible.

Equally common among men and women

Not all tasks can be carried out from a home office.

According to the Statistics Norway figures, it is predominantly typical office jobs that are now being carried out from a home office.

Within the field of education and teaching, there are also many who can carry out parts of their work from a home office. This typically includes tasks such as grading and lesson preparation that school staff take home.

Only 34 per cent of school staff report that they did not work from a home office last year.

Among public employees, employees of the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV), and employees in the Armed Forces, there is also a clear majority who worked remotely last year. A minority of 37 per cent state that they had no workdays at home.

In occupations with significant amount of remote work, it is equally common for men and women to work from home, according to Statistics Norway's statisticians.


Translated by Alette Bjordal Gjellesvik.

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Statistics Norway: Under halvparten av alle sysselsatte jobbet hjemmefra i 2022 (Less than half of all employed individuals worked from home in 2022), 19 June 2023

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