A not yet published study found high levels of antibodies in people who had mild Covid-19, 10-12 months after the infection.

Mild Covid disease gave almost year-long protection, according to Norwegian study

94 per cent of participants in a not yet published study had good amounts of antibodies in their blood up until a year after infection.

400 people participated in the study, writes the Norwegian national broadcaster NRK.

The study, which was done by Telemark Hospital Trust and Sørlandet Hospital Arendal has not yet been published.

The participants were infected with Covid-19 during Norway’s first wave in 2020, or the second wave in December 2020.

NRK writes that 94 per cent of them had good amounts of antibodies in their blood up until a year after the infection. More than half of them had high levels of antibodies 10-12 months after infection.

Only six per cent of the participants were hospitalized, so the results surprised the researchers.

“It’s a bit surprising that a mild disease can give antibodies that last for a long time,” chief physician Marjut Anneli Sarjomaa says to NRK.

According to Anne Kristin Møller Fell, chief physician and project manager for the study, it is known that those who have been very ill have had high levels of antibodies.

“We’ve been more in doubt when it comes to those who have experienced mild disease,” she says to NRK.

The study also found that none of the participants were reinfected, which suggests that their immune systems have produced enough antibodies to protect against Covid.

The study is ongoing and will also measure antibodies within the participants after 18 and 24 months.

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