Dry fields in the agricultural area of Stange on June 15th this year.

June was the fourth warmest June month recorded in Norway since 1900

June was the fourth warmest June month recorded in Norway in a measurement series dating back to 1900.

“Both Oslo and the former county of Akershus experienced the warmest June in the measurement series dating back to 1900. Oslo also broke the record for the number of hours of sunshine registered in June,” climate researcher Jostein Mamen at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute said in a press release.

21 weather stations measured records for the highest monthly temperature last month. At the same time, 13 weather stations set cold records.

“There was a cool start to June, but eventually, high pressure brought warm and dry weather to large parts of the country,” Mamen said.

45 per cent less precipitation than usual

“For the entire country, there was 45 per cent less rainfall than normal, making it the eighth driest June month in the series that started in 1900,” Mamen said.

In Eastern Norway, Trøndelag in mid-Norway, and the northernmost regions, it was "very dry". In large parts of Western Norway, it was "dry" and "very dry".

As early as May, the Meteorological Institute issued a yellow forest fire warning for several areas in the west, south, and east, following numerous fires in Southern Norway. The Meteorological Institute made it clear that a forest fire can easily become extensive in such dry conditions, with high temperatures and a lack of rain.

In June, Nordland in the north was the wettest county, with precipitation 10 per cent below normal.

There is currently an ongoing yellow forest fire warning for parts of Troms and Nordland in Northern Norway, according to yr.no.

Warm June in Oslo and the former county of Akershus

In Southern Norway, the month was "very warm", and "extremely warm" in the eastern parts and inland areas of Western Norway. In Northern Norway, June was mostly "very warm", but in Lofoten, Vesterålen, and some other coastal areas, June was "normal – mild".

15 records for maximum temperature were set in June.

Antarctica has significantly less ice than usual. The sea ice extent for June is the lowest extent ever observed in June.


Translated by Alette Bjordal Gjellesvik.

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