Professor Bjarne Bogen

Professor receives royal award for work on cancer vaccine

Professor Bjarne Bogen has received this year's King Olav V's Prize for Cancer Research for his contributions in the creation of a personalized cancer vaccine.

For the last 40 years, Bogen has studied the human immune system and how healthy cells can kill cancerous ones. The prize honours the invention of the technology that has led to the development of a personalized cancer vaccine, according to a press release from the Norwegian Cancer Society.

“This is a prestigious award, and I am very grateful. It is an acknowledgement of the work done by myself and countless others over a number of years”, says Bogen. He is a professor of immunology at the University of Oslo, and a senior consultant at Oslo University Hospital.

The vaccine is meant to help the immune system grow even stronger in its fight against cancer cells. Preliminary results show that the vaccine has reduced tumours in patients with several different types of cancer.

The King Olav V's Prize for Cancer Research is an annual prize that is awared to a researcher or a research group that has been part of a breakthrough in cancer research.

The prize is presented by King Harald of Norway, but this year's ceremony has been postponed due to the ongoing Covid-19-pandemic.

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