More salmon died in fish farms last year than the year before, according to a report from the Institute of Marine Research.

58 million salmon died in Norwegian fish farms last year

In 2022, 58 million salmon died in Norwegian fish farms, an increase of one million salmon from the previous year.

This information comes from the annual risk report (link in Norwegian) by the Norwegian Institute of Marine Research, which addresses mortality and challenges in the aquaculture industry.

"We are not where we want to be. We should be down to 10 per cent or less before we are satisfied," researcher and editor of the report Ellen Sofie Grefsrud of the Institute of Marine Research told the online newspaper E24 (link in Norwegian).

Last year, 15 million more salmon were released than the previous year, a total of 390 million salmon. This increase is also part of the reason why more salmon died inside the fish farms themselves.

"However, we see that mortality looks better further north, but there is also a problem with winter sores there," Grefsrud told the industry newspaper IntraFish (link in Norwegian).

In the north, mortality is around 10 per cent. Mortality is highest in Western Norway, where it has been up to 27 per cent. Mortality is greater there because they have had more problems with salmon lice and disease.


Translated by Alette Bjordal Gjellesvik.

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